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Hello, my name is John Reeves. When I started selling real estate in 2008, I quickly learned that the internet was an excellent way to get leads. The problem I faced was that I didn't have a huge budget and I didn't know much about coding or online marketing. I also knew that if I didn't figure out a solution to my problem that I wasn't going to get much business... so I started doing research on google, reading books, taking courses and eventually, I was able to put up my own website. I'll never forget the day when I got my first lead. I jumped out of my chair and started celebrating. YESSS! IT WORKED!

My friends thought I won the lottery and in a way I did! Because I knew that if my site got me one lead, it will get me many more leads! Ever since then, building real estate websites and generating leads became my passion...almost an obsession! Over the years, I continued to gain knowledge and improve my skills. I'm now at a point where I have turned my passion into my dream job! I have an excellent product that can help agents everywhere. I've generated thousands of leads in multiple cities and it's safe to say that I have a winning formula that works every time.

I believe you have a major advantage by working with me, compared to other website providers, because I have a better understanding of what REALLY works. I don't just build the sites, I've used them for my own business. I've marketed them in order to get the leads, turned the leads into clients and earned real estate commissions from these leads. In other words, I have a thorough understanding of the entire process, where my competitors only know one aspect of it. I know that if you follow my formula, you will get results! My services are top quality and very affordable. So if you need a better website that brings you more leads, definitely contact me!

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