Become an RMG Advertising Partner and earn income promoting our products and services online.

Do you want to make money working from home? We have an excellent opportunity for you! Our company sells affordable, high quality, real estate websites...and we need help spreading the word!

As an RMG Advertising Partner your job is very easy, but very important. You literally just have to take our advertising material and post it online. This would include posting ads on kijiji, sending emails and sharing links on Facebook as well as other social media sites. You can work from home and set your own hours AND you will receive very good commissions for the sales that you help us generate.

Here is how it works

  • You pay a one time setup fee of $125 to register as an RMG Advertising Partner
  • You will receive an exact copy of our website
  • Your job is simply to get real estate agents to visit your website
  • Your website will have it's own unique domain name (for advertising and tracking purposes)
  • Your website is coded on the backend, so we can track all inquiries that come from your website
  • You get an email notification every time someone contacts us via your website (keeps you in the loop)
  • We do all the sales follow ups and close the sales for you
  • We build all the websites and handle the technical support / customer service calls
  • We notify you when we make a sale and send you payment on the same day
  • You get paid $125 commission for every real estate website you help us sell
  • There is potential to earn multiple sales per week
  • We provide you with all advertising material
  • Training and support is available 6 days a week
  • You do not have to spend money advertising your website
  • We host your website for free (no monthly hosting fee!)
  • You can be up and running and earning commissions in just 24 hours
  • You will earn a $50 commission for each advertising partner you refer to us
  • This gives you a second income stream... 2 ways to make money!

If you've researched work from home opportunities, we're certain you'll see how good this offer is!

If you'd like to register as an RMG Advertising Partner simply complete the form below and you will receive an email containing our Advertising Partner Agreement along with instructions to get started. You will also be given our phone number where you can reach us anytime if you need assistance.

Please note that once we have enough partners, this opportunity will no longer be available. So don't procrastinate... Complete the form below now to get started!